We’re looking for talented writers, designers that want to share their knowledge and skills to Webmaster-Deals.com.

We’re open to any subject related to web development and design as long it’s unique and never written on another website. You can send your suggestion via our contact form.

Subjects of interest

We’re interested in the following topics:

  • Freebies: icons, illustrations, wallpapers, WordPress themes, PSD files, HTML / CSS websites
  • Tutorials: Photoshop, Illustrator, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, SEO etc.
  • Freelancing tips and tricks
  • Web design inspiration: fonts, business cards, logos, illustrations, vectors, showcases, design techniques
  • Mobile design and development – iPhone, iPad, Android devices
  • Or you can suggest a topic and we can discuss about that.
  • Guest writer benefits

  • You’ll receive full credit for the article
  • You’ll get exposure at the bottom of the post via bio section ( you can include max 2 dofollow portfolio / website links )
  • You can include your social media accounts
  • You may be paid if the article you wrote is a top-notch one
  • Submission Guidelines

  • Minimum 500 words and must not be published elsewhere
  • The images provided with the article must include the source link and the maximum width for an image is 1160px
  • We’ll review your article for approval and reserve the right to edit / reject your submission if don’t meet our requirements. For that make sure to contact us first with your post idea.
  • You can submit the article in the following formats: HTML, plain text, word document and please send the images attached in a .zip file.
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