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If you have a great product and you want to run a deal on our website or you think a product would be a good fit here please get in touch with us.


  • 1. Title of the deal
  • 2. Description + Preview Images (with 1160 pixels and the height it does not matter) + Terms or use for your product
  • 3. Actual Price
  • 4. A price with a discount.
  • 5. A image with 1160x772 pixels ( will be placed on our website, and on all affiliate websites )
  • 6. A zip file with your product or a link where our clients can download your product.
  • 7. You also have to register with our website to see the sales in real time. Please create your account here
  • Once we have all the things from above we will create the deal, or you can create the deal alone in your webmaster-deals admin panel. We will promote it on our newsletters, social networks, affiliate websites, etc...

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    Our revenue share will be discussed in private with each vendor

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