Flatilicious – 1000 Flat & Delicious Vector Icons

Flatilicious is the bestseller icons-set at PixelBazaar. You will get 1000 flat icons encompassing many commonly-used and not-so-commonly used symbols. They are crafted with a simplicity in mind, appearing visually readable at small size with a modern unison look. No to mention it's one of the biggest flat-style icons on the internet.


  • Quantity: 1000 icons
  • Formats: AI, SVG, PSD, PNG
  • Sizes: 32×32px, 64×64px, 128×128px


  • Consistency: All icons are based on precise geometric shapes for a modern unison look.
  • Right Level of Details: They look crisp at small size and became more beautiful as you scale up.
  • Neatly Organised: Categorised in 28 different subjects for easy traceability.
  • Color Customisation: Easily change the colours and adapt to your own needs.
  • Sliced PNGs: 32×32px, 64×64px and 128×128px.

Originally sold at $60, you are privileged to get them for only $29! Don't wait. Who knows when's going to be the next discount.





Terms and conditions - Licence

  • You are free to…

  • Use the digital goods in a website for yourself or a client for personal, open-source or commercial use.

  • Use the digital goods to create an icon for your app or button icons.

  • Use the digital goods to create a logo or other brand material.

  • You are forbidden to…

  • Re-sell the digital goods, host the digital goods or rent the digital goods (either in existing or modified form).

  • Include the digital goods with a website offered for sale or distributed for free.

  • Convert the digital goods to a theme to sell or distribute for free.

  • While attribution is optional, it is always appreciated. Intellectual property rights are not transferred with the download of the icons.

Flatilicious – 1000 Flat & Delicious Vector Icons

Deal by: PixelBazaar








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