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eBook: Convert PSD files to HTML/CSS
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Are you a graphic designer who has little experience with coding or you are always searching for front-end developers to slice your designs? Learn how to slice your own designs today.

With the "How to Convert PSD to HTML/CSS" e-book guide by Artmov you will learn how to take an Adobe Photoshop design and convert it into a fully functional website.

It's a step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire process of converting and teaches you how to analyze a design before you write a line of code. It also shows you how to check your design across multiple browsers and handle any found bugs.

You'll get the step-by-step guide along with an already-made Photoshop design and its converted HTML/CSS files to learn from.



1. The guide.
It's 130+ pages of details and instructions on converting a PSD file to HTML/CSS. In three chapters you'll learn to analyze, write, and check your work.

2. Already-made design.
Practicing is the best way to learn something new, so start with a custom-made Adobe Photoshop file designed exclusively for this guide.

3. Converted files.
The already-made design has also been converted into HTML/CSS, so you can study the actual files and the coding to learn how they were created, along with the instructions from the guide.

4. Blank canvas.
You'll receive a blank HTML/CSS setup folder so you can dive right in and start practicing yourself.



Chapter #1: Analyze.
Before writing any code you'll first see how to analyze your designs and break it into smaller units. In the long run this will save you tons of time as you learn which parts of your design can be coded with CSS or not.

Chapter #2: Write.
In this chapter you'll be ready to start the process of converting your PSD designs. You will learn various tips and tricks for writing code, including how to use the same framework that is used in the guide to speed up development or how to implement CSS Sprites to increase the page load speed.

Chapter #3: Check.

In the last chapter, you will see how to test your converted files across multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and more. You'll also learn how to debug and fix any bugs or errors in your work.

Terms and Conditions
  • Package includes: PSD design (in .psd format), HTML/CSS converted files and PDF eBook guide.

  • Delivered as an instant download after purchase.


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