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We offer a nice affiliate program that converts very well and you can easily earn some extra money. Join our affiliate program and start earning money for every sale you send our way!

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What makes us unique ?

Our system can generate some awesome widgets, which can be used on different types of websites. You can create even a shopping cart if you want. Your users will think there are your products, and the conversion rate will be much higher.

What we offer?
We offer between 20%-50% commission from each sale you refer to us. You can request money anytime. We have nice banners and widgets that automatically show the latest deals.
Already an Affiliate?
Please visit the login page and enter your email and password to gain access to your account statistics, banners, linking code. You can choose from different image widgets, and text widgets.

Bellow you can see some examples:

Horizontal widgets

You can choose as many deals you want.

Here are the benefits when you use a widget like this:
  • Conversion is much higher then standard banners
  • Your users will think that you have a shopping cart
  • If you have a website with photoshop stuff related you can promote only related deals
  • You can promote the deals with the biggest commission if you want.

Vertical widgets

Please see the demo on Webdevtuts
  • You can use such widgets on the sidebar
  • The deals will be updated automatically so you don't worry about this widget.

RSS feed

You can display the rss feed on your website.

Clean URL

You can promote only a single deal. Our links does not look like affiliate links. This means bigger commission for you.

Text Widgets

You can add widgets on your website with our last deals..