Lifetime account - Easy-to-use design tool to create or customize any image in seconds.

PixTeller is a tool that simplifies the design process from start to end, so it can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, any blogger or website owner, as well as anyone who needs designs for personal or business use.

Replace anything from images and shapes to text and colors using its design Editor and get inspired from a great variety of public designs and templates that you can use to create new personalized designs just in seconds.

Create a bunch of engaging images, social media covers, banners, graphics for print or any other design with PixTeller.

PixTeller enable anyone to create amazing graphic designs in seconds.

Main features:

  • New pre-made Designs each month
  • 1.000.000+ Embeded Photos & Illustrations throught PixTeller Editor
  • 100.000+ Embeded Shapes & Icons throught PixTeller Editor
  • Unlimited storage
  • Smart resize
  • Custom fonts
  • Download PNG, JPEG or PDF
  • Gradient colors
  • Transparent PNG
  • Multipage attributes
  • Unique text properties
  • Masking & Clipping Crop image techniques
  • Use or Edit your designs from any modern browser

Press Mentions:


What customers say about PixTeller
- MD Folio -> Design for social media made easy with @PixTeller
- Katherine Dell -> PixTeller I'm addicted to this site! A must for writers anb bloggers who want beautiful images for their posts.
- Kevin -> PixTeller simplify the design process from start to end
- Olly -> Design has never been easier before!
- Sejole Mike -> People Spend $39 a month on coffee yet $39 for Life for your product is scrutinized



Terms and conditions - Licence

  • You will get a lifetime account for only $39

  • Legal Info:
     All the public designs and templates available on PixTeller Editor are under the Creative Commons Zero license.

  • This means that you can copy, modify, distribute and use the designs for free (with PixTeller watermark for free users), including for commercial purposes, without asking for permission from PixTeller. No attribution required to PixTeller or third party services that we use.

  • You absolutely would be safe copyright-wise when you use a PixTeller creation, as long as that creation just contains elements that you searched for from within PixTeller Editor or PixTeller templates.

  • As soon as you use a public design, import or upload a photo / graphic elements / logo / icon / etc from elsewhere please double check the copyright licence. 

Lifetime account - Easy-to-use design tool to create or customize any image in seconds.

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