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Rails CTO Bundle - Lifetime Access

What makes Ruby such a controversial language in the coding community is its ability to streamline. While other languages prioritize ultimate customization and limitless options, they often do so at the expense of usability. That’s where Ruby comes in. With so many coding frameworks to choose from today, knowing where to invest your time and money is not an easy matter. Ruby on Rails is still a safe bet. If you’re looking for one of the most user-friendly experiences in the world of coding, you could do a whole lot worse than committing to Ruby on Rails.

Becoming a startup CTO requires a diverse set of technology skills. Your instructor Jordan Hudgens has those skills as a serial entrepreneur.

Learn RoR. Becomes a master of this programming language. Once you master one language you can begin to expand into other languages and other skill sets to round out your profile as a startup CTO.

This bundle will put you on the path to landing a 6-figure job as a startup CTO and put you in the position to build your own startup products.

The world is yours. Start hacking your way to the top of the startup universe.

What You Get

  • Lifetime Access
  • 9 courses
  • 150 hours of content


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  • Lifetime Access

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