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2000 Amazing Food Pictures for only $19

Bundle of 2036 amazing hi-res food pictures by Jakub Kapusnak.

Resolution 6000x4000px. Crop and rotate without losing the quality. Amazing for all modern creatives out there. For an easy navigation, all food pictures are sorted into categories such as fruit and vegetables, coffee, burger etc. Also, most of the pictures are named correctly so you can search them. Packed in a 15GB ZIP archive.

License – photos can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purpose. Suitable for food/nutrition/fitness bloggers, designers and all other content creators who need food pictures for commercial purposes such as advertising, promotion, brochures, packaging or printed publications (magazines, books, newspapers). When purchasing this license, pictures can be used as part of a commercial website for promotional purposes.

Because you are buying the Agency/Company option of Jakub's pictures in this deal, it also allows you to share the pictures with all the team members. It’s suitable for magazines where more authors may use the pictures for illustrative purposes, it’s also suitable for design and social media agencies or just any kind of collaborative group of people.






If you want to see all photos please take a look on the following video:

Terms and Conditions
  • License – photos can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purpose. 


This deal is provided by : Jakub Kapusnak. You can learn more about this product if you visit the author link