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Webmaster-deals is proud to partner with Eduonix to give you access to a nice set of awesome graphic design tutorials. 

1)  Learn Adobe Illustrator Course From Scratch

This comprehensive course of over 10 hours provides expert tips and tricks and you will learn to do advanced design and graphics work. You will start with basic Illustrator techniques and will progress on to topics such as Pen Tool, Transforming, Gradient, Types & Panels, Design, Perspective, and Automation. With this learn to create amazing graphics for The Web, Video, and Film. get started and be the next design superstar. Learn Adobe illustrator with our tutorials & training for beginners.

What will you learn in this course? 

  • over 10 hours & 41 lectures 
  • How to Working with Multiple Documents and All About Art 
  • how to do Layers and Grouping 
  • you will learn about colors & patterns
  • How to make design in AI
  • How to use advance features like symbol sprayer and friends

What are the requirements? 

Adobe Illustrator either standalone or on Cloud  

2)  Advance Photoshop Techniques for Designers

This Advanced Adobe Photoshop course will show you how to professionally edit  photos and use certain key features in the Photoshop universe. Learn how to Retouch Beauty shots including beautifying aspects such as skin, eye depth and color, teeth whiteness, lips color, body retouching and even hair selecting. This course teaches you the process of speed retouching with it Learn how to speed retouch for both men and women and even to make some fun edits. Additionally, you will also learn how to modify the lighting of an image and the difference between lighting for different segments including beauty, fashion, portrait, creative, etc.

What will you get from this course? 

  • How to use and manipulate advance Photoshop techniques to produce more interesting photos
  • How to retouch beauty photos including retouching hair, face, skin, lips, and even teeth
  • How to work with Adobe extensions such as Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw
  • Quick retouching techniques for men and women
  • How to retouch photos to accentuate lighting
  • Understanding the difference between lighting photos for portrait, product, fashion and creative

What are the requirements? 

Students should have basic knowledge of Photoshop

3) Beginners Guide to Modeling with Maya

This Maya 3D beginner’s course is the perfect launching pad for your spectacular career as an animator. In this Maya 3D course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Maya.  This comprehensive course is perfect for newbies (created without all the technical jargon), who wish to become acquainted with the Autodesk Maya Software. This in-depth Maya tutorial has been designed to help you get a core understanding of Maya and its user interface. At the end of this tutorial, you will be not only comfortable with the Maya workspace and the UI, but you will definitely be able to build your own small projects with Maya. 

What will you get from this course?

  • You will get to learn Modeling a Prop in Maya, NURBS, Polygon and Subdivision Modeling
  • You will get to learn about how to do Modeling of End connector, wire connector & bolt connector
  • Learn about Modeling piston

What are the requirements?

Students will require access to the Maya Software to follow along with the instructor. 

4) Learn Adobe Indesign From Scratch

This InDesign course is the perfect place to learn this groundbreaking technology from scratch. From the basics to the advanced concepts, we’ve got your covered. Learn the InDesign software and its interface, get familiar with its various design tools, work with the different panels, learn how to customize menus and utilize workspaces, formatting text, the anatomy of a text frame, working with fonts, guides, QR codes, and so much more. The course is packed with everything you need to know to master the InDesign software – from a basic introduction to the technology to actually creating masterpieces and exporting it to PDF or Epub. It is THE COURSE to learn InDesign from start to finish!

What will you get from this course? 

  • Learn various features of InDesign including tools, panels, menus, workspaces, navigating, etc.
  • How to create documents, mastering pages and sections
  • Learn various keyboard shortcuts and unlimited undo
  • Understand what is a text frame, the anatomy of the text frame, how to place text and how to modify text
  • Where, how and where to use different tools
  • Modifying and working with different fonts
  • Incorporating graphics within the document and working with text
  • Styling paragraphs, characters, nests, objects, etc.
  • How to export the document into different formats for printing

What are the requirements?

There are no prerequisites you should have a working copy of Indesign to practice along with the course.

5) Logo Design Course for Beginners

Become a logo designer with our comprehensive logo design course. In this course, you will learn how to use adobe illustrator to create your own logo.Learn how to create beautiful, relevant and memorable logos with our brilliant instructor. This Logo Design course has been designed with industry experts to give you optimum knowledge when it comes to logo designing, using Illustrator, branding, etc. With this course, you will not only learn how to design logos, but the course will also cover how to get started in the world of design, how to become a designer, sketching out your ideas, how to send a logo draft proof and even various different tools and  techniques that Illustrator has to offer.

What will you get from this course?

  • How to brand yourself, your company and create a brand for the company 
  • How to use Illustrator tools and techniques – a plethora of different tools that you can use to create awesome designs 
  • Tips to make it in the design business 
  • Learn In-depth information about logos – anything and everything you might need to know about logos 
  • Learn how to set up, make, and display eye-catching logos 

What are the requirements?

Basic Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

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