Deal 3 - Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icons with Resell Rights

In today's deal you will find over 360+ Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icons with Resell Rights.

Icons like this It's a must-have for interface designers and includes special icons for websites, iphone apps etc... The icons are delivered in 3 different formats: The first one is a PSD file with all icons. You can change the colors, and you can apply another layer styles very fast. 

The second file format is .csh ( Photoshop Custom Shapes ) - It will be very easy for you to add icons when you design websites our another user interfaces.

The third file format is .png file. 

Please see some demos bellow.


Terms and conditions - Licence

  • Resale Usage Sites Include: Royalty-Free Stock Photo Websites, On-Line Prints Websites, Multimedia Stock Websites, Template Websites and more!

  • You can purchase a license from us and sell the images imediatelly to your customers.

  • You can create website templates, prints, scrapbooking, digital artworks, iphone/ ipad apps, etc...

  • You can set what price you want.

  • You can sell our products as many times you want to your customers


  • You are not allowed to sell all our deals with resell rights on another deal website.

  • You are prohibited to extend reseller rights to a 3rd Party. Such Sales are strictly prohibited and considered competition to Webmaster-Deals Services.

  • You are not allowed to redistribute the items from this deal for free.

Deal 3 - Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icons with Resell Rights

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