Vector Mega Pack #1 - - Save 98%

Mega vector pack #1 contains 17 sets with 421 vector files:

Circular vector design elements, Circular vector designs, Foliage vector, Rounded vector elements - geometric vectors, Royalty free vector asterisk - vector marks, Vector ancient vector pointers - Clock hand vectors, Vector arrows, Vector curved arrows, Vector diamonds shapes, Vector grunge borders - vector frames, Vector parentheses, Vector seals - vector shields - vector badges, Vector shopping tags, Vector snowflakes, Vector sqaure patterns, Vector stars - Vector shapes, Vector sunbursts - vector flare - vector star burst.

Circular vector design elements

Download this vector toolkit with various circular design elements: spiral vector elements, vector circular flowers, vector circular stars and some vector rings.

Circular vector designs

Collection of various vector design element with a rounded look. Some of vectors have a swirl effect, and other ones are twisted. You can use these elements also as vector logo for your website.

Foliage vector

Collection of various foliage design elements, vector leaf. Download now this set of vector floral ornaments , and create fancy background designs

Rounded vector elements - geometric vectors

With this simple vector toolkit you can add details for any vector design. This symmetrical elements with a rounded form can help you to create complex vector designs,a dn vector backgrounds.

Royalty free vector asterisk - vector marks

This set of vector asterisks symbols contains 30 different types of vector asterisk including vector stars and some nice vector marks. All vector symbols are in vector file format ( .eps8 ) and you can edit this vector toolkit with any vector software like adobe illustartor, vector magic, or inkscape.

Vector ancient vector pointers - Clock hand vectors

If you want to design a clock or if you plan to create a time related vector artwork, then you will need this set of vector ancient pointers. In this set you will find 32 clock hands in vector file format. This vector toolkit of old clock hands can help you to create old style vector clocks and vector icons in a snap

Vector arrows

Set of vector design elements - In this set you can download 36 arrow symbols. This collection of arrow symbols can help you to design faster.

Vector curved arrows

Download a set of vector curved arrows for design compositions. Add small details for all your vector artwork or for your vector backgrounds. This set of vector arrowhead elements is very useful if you create also web design elements.

Vector diamonds shapes

Collection of vector diamonds cuts or vector line art in a variety of shapes. The name of the cuts are: Princess, Heart, Cushion and Emerald.

Vector grunge borders - vector frames

Vector toolkit with ornamental strip or border designs. If you want to add vector frames , or grunge borders to your photo or any other design then you will need this set of vector gunge borders elements.

Vector parentheses

Sometimes simple design elements can change your overall artwork. In this vector toolkit you can find some stylized vector parentheses in vector file format.

Vector seals - vector shields - vector badges

Included in this vector toolkit you will find 36 different vectors: vector shields, vector badges, vector medals, vector crests, vector insignia. If you want to create heraldic vector t-shirst now you have the right tools for this.

Vector shopping tags

Download a set of 15 vector labels,and shopping tags perfect for adding a detailed touch to any design. You can tag your stuff , or you can add labels in a snap.

Vector snowflakes

Many snowflakes and stars design for winter season. This set is perfect for winter holidays if you want to create winter backgrounds in vector format

Vector sqaure patterns

Collection of seamless black & white vector patterns. This vector toolkit can be used to create seamless vector patterns. You can create geometric background is a few seconds with this vector set.

Vector stars - Vector shapes

Download this set of decorative and creative vector stars, and enhance your designs in a snap. In this set you will find 30 star shape design elements in vector format

Vector sunbursts - vector flare - vector star burst

If you want to create great vector background you will need this vector toolkit. Included in this set you will find: Vector sun burst, vector flare , vector lens flare, vector sun, vector flash, vector light

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Vector Mega Pack #1 - - Save 98%

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