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Deal 6 - Sketch icons with Resell Rights

In today's deal you will find over 360+ Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icons with a Sketchy look , all of them with Resell Rights.

Icons like this It's a must-have for interface designers and includes special icons for websites, iphone apps etc... The icons are delivered in 3 different formats: . ai , .eps, and .png

Please look bellow to see the icons:



Terms and Conditions
  • Resale Usage Sites Include: Royalty-Free Stock Photo Websites, On-Line Prints Websites, Multimedia Stock Websites, Template Websites and more!

  • You can purchase a license from us and sell the images imediatelly to your customers.

  • You can create website templates, prints, scrapbooking, digital artworks, iphone/ ipad apps, etc...

  • You can set what price you want.

  • You can sell our products as many times you want to your customers


  • You are not allowed to sell all our deals with resell rights on another deal website.

  • You are prohibited to extend reseller rights to a 3rd Party. Such Sales are strictly prohibited and considered competition to Webmaster-Deals Services.

  • You are not allowed to redistribute the items from this deal for free.


This deal is provided by : Webmaster-Deals.com. You can learn more about this product if you visit the author link