Ultimate Image enlarging Software today 71% off

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PhotoZoom 8 professional provides you with the worldwide leading technology specialized in reducing and enlarging digital images.The Software can be used as Stand-Alone or PlugIn, runs on Windows and Mac and provides amazing results on the fly.

Just when you thought that image enlargement and clarity don’t go hand in hand, PhotoZoom 8 professional – with its revolutionary S-Spline-Max algorithms – is sure to convince you otherwise. PhotoZoom 8 professional makes enlargements up to 800% possible – and this in unrivaled image resolution.

Flawlessly Crop Photos in just a few Clicks
Use the optimized preset editing options to quickly and easily fix over- and underexposed areas in your image directly during the image enlargement process. Precisely adjusted settings allow you to efficiently and simply enlarge and enhance your photos.

The finest image details can have a significant effect on the impression your photo makes. Even when working at very high resolutions, enlarging photos can quickly bring even the sharpest images to their limits. The results are unclear, pixelated images. PhotoZoom 8 professional makes enhancements possible all the way up to 800% - without a loss in image quality.

Patented S-Spline enlargement technology

PhotoZoom 8 professional not only creates larger images than other applications (up to 1,000,000 million x 1,000,000 million pixels) but also creates higher quality images. The patented S-Spline-Max technology retains absolutely clean edges, sharpness and the finest details when enlarging your images

All Highlights at a glance:

✓ Quicker Image Previewing
✓ NEW:  high-performance Batch Processing Options
✓ Optimized Pre-Settings for a wide range of photo and graphics types
✓ Higher quality image enlargements & higher quality downsizing
✓ Integrated Adobe® Lightroom Editing
✓ Extreme Enhancement of up to 1 Million x 1 Million Pixels
✓ Powerful Cropping Capabilities
✓ Reduced (JPEG) Compression Artifacts and Image Noise of Originals with minimal quality
✓ Advanced Tools for Precision Edits
✓ Simple and Easy Magnification Process without Artifacts
✓ for Windows and Mac
✓ Extensive support for high-end images
✓ Compare different resize methods with split screen

With its high-performance yet easy-to-operate program interface, PhotoZoom 8 lets you create high-resolution image enlargements free of fuzzy edges, blur and unnatural artefacts.

Photo zoom 8


  • Operating system Windows: 10/8.1/8/7 – 32/64 Bit

Hardware: Intel Core Duo, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB HDD, resolution 1280 х 1024, colour depth 32 bit

Automation plug-in: Adobe Photoshop ab CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements from version 6

Export plug-in: Adobe Photoshop from CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements from version 6, Corel PaintShop Pro from X4, Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, XI, Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Corel PHOTO-PAINT from X3, integration with Adobe® Lightroom and Adobe® Lightroom CC Classic

  • Operating system Mac: OS X from 10.9

Hardware: 1 GB RAM, 1 GB HDD, resolution 1280 х 1024

Automation/export plug-in: Adobe Photoshop from CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements from version 9, integration with Adobe® Lightroom and Adobe® Lightroom CC Classic


Terms and conditions - Licence

  • Delivered as an instant download including licence-key after completing your purchase.

  • Software can be used for personal and commercial purposes

  • Techical Support and FAW at the Website of the Manufacturer

  • User-Manual and Tutorials at the Website of the Manufacturer

  • Purchase includes latest Version ( 03/2020)

  • No free upgrades

Ultimate Image enlarging Software today 71% off

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