Pixelixe - An amazing Graphic Design Platform for a lifetime

Get lifetime access to Pixelixe Studio Pro, the last online image & graphic creation tool you’ll need!


Creating engaging graphics for advertising, social media marketing or anything else is today incredibly time-consuming, Pixelixe offers an image and graphic creation tool to let everyone, design engaging graphics as easily and quickly as possible.

The online Studio helps marketers, bloggers and small businesses worldwide to promote their products and services on all digital platforms (From ad banners, display banners for blogs and websites, social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and so on) or anything else).

If you wish to launch marketing or social media campaigns without spending tons of money with agencies or hiring a graphic designer, Pixelixe studio is definitely a must-have.

To ease your journey from the idea to the envisioned result, the app offers a searchable collection of 850.000 stunning photographer images, thousands of amazing fonts and icons.

Of course, users can drop their own images and choose their own colors to match their brand identity. At any time, you can download your graphics (ready to be published anywhere).

All of that with no technical knowledge required at all.

Normally, this kind of access would cost over $2500, so make the best of this deal and get your plan today! Lifetime access for $79.

With this deal you get the opportunity to get a lifetime access to Pixelixe Studio Pro,this deal include access to an unlimited cloud storage to save your creations anytime and organize them within folders (ready to be updated into the editor anytime!)

Features that our customers love the most :

  • Direct access to 850.000 amazing photos (No need to spend hours on Google to find copyright-free images anymore)
  • Access 1000+ fonts and icons to enrich creations.
  • Ability to upload your own images, logos and use their colors to match their brand identity.
  • Access a WYSIWYG Rich text editor.
  • Add shapes to graphics.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Access premade templates for the most famous social media post platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube) and banner ads (mobile and web format)
  • Unlimited download of creations as HTML, PNG or JPEG.




Few possible use cases among an infinite list of possibilities :

  • Add text to photos
  • Add logo to photos
  • Add quote to pictures
  • Create Social media graphic
  • Create ad banners
  • Create custom graphic
  • Crop photo
  • Resize image




Why Pixelixe ?

Each of us consumes hundreds of images every single day without even noticing it: on billboards while driving, while walking the street, in shops, metro stations, on our smartphones, everywhere.
We, humans, have the power and ability to see colors, shapes, perspectives and with that, the imagination that let us dream.

At Pixelixe, we believe our eyes are one of the best asset human beings have and we want to delight yours with stunning and beautiful images. That’s the main reason we created a tool to let anyone create amazing graphics without design or technical skills required.

About us

At Pixelixe, we have an ambitious plan to reinvent entirely the way graphics are produced in the digital industry.

Solving problems and building products are in our DNA and will always be our main driver. Communication will be available on our website periodically.

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Pixelixe - An amazing Graphic Design Platform for a lifetime

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